We have five core values that support our way of working and how our teams behave. These shared values are the embodiment of our company culture and business ethics. They are the watchwords to integrate the Novares’ Touch into our daily lives and they summarize the winning attitudes and behaviors that point us all in the same direction, to work as one team and achieve success.

Whether you want to join us for a few months, a few years or for your entire career, working at Novares means you will:

ACT with Positive Energy

Having positive energy is all about passion and performance, saying yes to challenges rather than no, never saying never and having a ‘can do’ attitude. This is the value that radiates energy to team members and helps everyone feel they can achieve. Positive energy leads to positive results.

SHOW Courage

Being courageous is all about daring to take on a challenge, being a player instead of a spectator and taking risks. Having the courage to try, accept that you can make mistakes, own them and move onwards to success. It’s not about sitting back, resting on your laurels, it’s about accepting change, leading by example and sometimes taking the difficult path instead of the easy one.

BE Result Driven

Eyes on the prize, if we say we are going to deliver, then we deliver! It means thinking ahead, anticipating, making sure that we remove all the obstacles to achieving our goals. We set clear targets. We know customer loyalty is created from operational excellence and producing innovations.

BEHAVE as One Team

Individuals shine best in a team, working together means trusting the team to help you deliver. We help, respect and support each other, inside and outside our organization. We benefit and learn from our company diversity and we take the best from all our practices. We make commitments and work together to achieve common goals. We are guided by aligned processes and rules.

VALUE Transparency

We tell it like it is, respectfully, without fear, not covering up issues and making them worse. We ask for help when needed to lead to better decision-making, quicker tackling of problems and more success. Being transparent is about communicating with data and facts, being open and clear. We respect the Code of Ethics.