At Novares, we think what you do matters. We offer meaningful work, improving the way consumers travel, making it a better and safer experience with less impact on the environment.

At Novares, our most precious asset is our employees, therefore the company is committed to bringing value to its associates.

We are dedicated to building the careers of our employees and accompanying them in their personal development. Our internal mobility policy means that you can access opportunities to work in different business areas, giving you the tools that match your skills and goals with open positions within the Group.

We value our employees and local managers take time to reward and develop individuals in their teams, with celebrations and recognition for achievements, as well as development opportunities.

We focus on collaborative work to share knowledge and experience, to learn and to be trained. In 2019, each employee spent an average of 15 hours on training courses.

Each year staff have individual interviews to discuss their achievements and development with their managers and the Human Resources department.