Site Buyer

Date: Sep 6, 2023

Location: CHENNAI, IN

Company: NOVARES


Carries out the purchases for his/her site as part of Quality/Cost/Deadline/Service requirements and in compliance with Purchasing procedures and strategies.

Main Missions

1 - Deploy the group Purchasing strategies- Propose and implement the necessary actions, in line with the Purchasing strategies
- Propose pathways to optimise costs as part of the defined Purchasing policy
- Propose solutions to improve the technical productivities of their site
- Contribute to the continuous improvement of the Purchasing function
2 - Carry out purchasing for their site(s)
- Negotiate with the suppliers for all purchases (production and non-production) for their sites
- Contribute to reducing stocks and improving supplier payment conditions
- Prevent and deal with disputes with suppliers for their site
- Ensure that current regulations are followed when orders are made
- Monitor or update purchase prices for nomenclature-listed articles for their site
- Help to monitor the quality objectives that suppliers need to meet, ensure they are followed, and put in place the associated action plans
- Intervene at level one for all negotiations for their site (quality, costs, deadlines, services)
3 - Contribute to the continuous improvement of the purchasing function
- Complete the requested reports in time
- Communicate the necessary information for their activity to buyers, supplier quality staff, prescribers, and internal customers
- Capitalise on the information obtained within their activity, obtain feedback, and make it available to other employees
4 - Contribute to ensuring purchasing productivity
- Working with the Family Buyers, devise productivity plans
- Follow the purchasing productivity plans for their site


Essential job functions