Logistic supervisor

Date: Jun 20, 2024

Location: GEBZE, TR, 41420

Company: NOVARES


Represent the internal flow function on the platform within the context of logistics internal supplier/customer relations and promote continuous progress within his/her field.

Main Missions

1 - Organise and manage the flow function service- Guarantee the performance of the flow function (QCDSM)
- Manage workload, organise and optimise services and staff
- Coordinate and prioritise the action of all employees involved
- Guarantee function internal/external customer satisfaction (analyse requirements and demands, manage actions)
- Report and analyse results for the function
- Monitor compliance with standards (service provision, quality, health-safety, etc.) and company rules
- Monitor the maintenance and improvement of work equipment
- Deploy objectives and manage action plans for the flow function
2 - Develop human resources for the flow function
- Support Leaders in their role and help them to achieve their objectives
- Define requirements by recruiting and coordinating the welcome/integration process
- Monitor the integration of variable presence/absence data
- Develop the skills of teams, develop versatility and multi skills, define training needs
- Conduct interviews (annual, return following absence, etc.) and propose areas of improvement for individuals
- Resolve anomalies and disputes within the function or between the function and its environment
- Promote team autonomy
- Make the necessary decisions to optimise results, in line with initial data
3 - Manage the continuous improvement and development of the flow function
- Chair progress and TOP30 meetings
- Propose, defend, take part in or coordinate projects (5S, quality, logistics, etc.) and site progress plan actions
- Propose and monitor productivity actions within the function
- Encourage people to make suggestions
- Take part in new product/process projects impacting flow (FMECA, monitoring, development, etc.)
4 - Liaise with the platform and senior managers
- Optimise relations between the function and the platform team
- Establish and monitor the management chart for the function
- Distribute information (to managers, to his/her employees, to other supervisors, etc.)
- Represent the function to support functions
5 - Manage his/her activity
- Based on the objectives of his/her activity, prepare action plans and coordinate the missions of his/her team in a coherent manner
- Propose an annual operating budget for his/her activity, and ensure that it is adhered to
- Propose the necessary resources for attaining his/her objectives and implement the necessary actions for staff turnover (recruitment, transfers, dismissal/redundancy) and investments according to budgetary forecasts and labour constraints
- Monitor performance indicators for his/her activity, implement corrective actions if necessary and inform his/her teams of them
- Conduct annual performance reviews, set the objectives of his/her employees, including functional staff, then ensure deployment all the way down the hierarchy
- Develop the team's skills for the activity and propose individual and/or group training actions that are necessary to maintain performance levels of activities, in collaboration with the Functional Manager
- Advise employees on professional development in agreement with the Functional Manager and promote internal mobility
- Propose salary increases in agreement with the Functional Manager within the framework of the group's salary policy
- Enforce appropriate disciplinary measures for his/her employees, when necessary
- Ensure that his/her teams remain motivated and that there is a good internal atmosphere
- Check and approve team members' expense claims (travel, etc.) and authorizations for absence/vacations
- Ensure that job descriptions are updated according to group procedures
- Provide reports on his/her activity


Essential job functions