APG Leader

Date: May 12, 2024

Location: KENITRA, MA

Company: NOVARES


Assist with production and manage the Autonomous Production Team providing support to help it achieve its Quality Cost Deadline Safety Management objectives

Main Missions

LEVEL 1 - Manage and ensure production
- Ensure production, measurement or setting depending on technical profile
- Manage replacements and/or replace a member of the team at his/her station depending on risks
- Ensure the passing on of instructions
- Plan production by applying the kanban system and logistics
- Carry out or ask others to carry out level 1 maintenance at workstations
- Conduct production audits, implement and monitor associated action plans
- Detect and solve conventional problems inherent to the job and ensure the correct solution is chosen
2 - Coordinate and manage team activities
- Lead start of shift meetings
- Integrate new arrivals, monitor training
- Based on the objectives of his/her project or activity, establish action plans and coordinate employees' missions in a coherent manner
- Monitor performance indicators for his/her activity (lean manufacturing, etc.), implement corrective actions if necessary and inform his/her employees of them
- Comply with and ensure others comply with quality, safety and environment instructions
- Report problems
- Coordinate information, communication, reactivity
- Explain and ensure compliance with standards (production, IMS, quality, maintenance, etc.)
- Help to appraise operators
- Permanently coordinate and advise members of his/her team
- Organise the team around shared objectives and promote team spirit and helping others
3 - Organise and schedule the activity of his/her Autonomous Production Team
- Approve production start-up
- Ensure compliance with 5S rules
- Update Autonomous Production Team indicators: rejects/sorting, etc.
- Monitor presences/absences and training within the team
- Manage administrative matters for the Autonomous Production Team (explain and train as required)
- Attend production cell meetings (between supervisor and leaders)
- Coordinate the holiday rota for the Autonomous Production Team
- Check conformity of Autonomous Production Team workstations
4 - Facilitate progress
- Help to implement curative/preventive actions
- Take part in working and progress groups
- Encourage suggestions, help to process them
Analyse causes and decide on methods and means most suited to his/her missions
Provide technical tutoring in his/her field of expertise
- Provide technical support to setters and operators
- Monitor the training needs of setters and operators
- Train employees in line with workstation developments, products, processes, quality, safety, environment
- Support operators in their role and help them to achieve their objectives
- Develop versatility within the team


- Assist with production and provide leadership, guidance and technical support to the Autonomous Production Team 

Essential job functions


- In-depth knowledge of cross-functional processes, and ability to resolve technical problems and find solutions 
- Fosters team building by encouraging individuals to share knowledge, highlighting problems or critical situations to management or team