Plant QHSE Manager

Date: Jun 20, 2024


Company: NOVARES


Within the framework of budgetary targets, to ensure client satisfaction through the deployment and facilitation of Smart in his/her PU.
To undertake and coordinate risk management actions in the field of personal safety and the environmental protection of property (buildings and production resources)

Main Missions

  1 - Facilitate the implementation of Smart and associated aims - Implement the Smart site section (instructions and appendices) in line with the Group's Smart project.

  • Facilitate the implementation of Smart, for which he/she is responsible in his/her unit
  • Suggest Smart developments connected to the activity of his/her unit
  • Assist the Unit Manager in measuring the efficiency and performance of processes to meet objectives

2 - Represent the customer within his/her production unit

  • Ensure the respect of customer requirements and quality targets
  • Manage the performance of suppliers for his/her unit and commit to improvement plans in line with purchasing
  • Decide exceptions in relation to customer quality demands
  • Coordinate system, product and production process audits in his/her unit
  • Coordinate the processing of in-production incidents and the monitoring of associated action plans
  • Coordinate the analysis and processing of warranty returns
  • Participate in measuring customer satisfaction
  • Block deliveries and/or stop production in the case of an identified risk for the customer.

3 - Manage job family activities within his/her production unit

  • Organise the taking into account of experience capitalisation files
  • Ensure proper use of Quality tools and methods
  • Coordinate quality-related audits in his/her unit and ensure the implementation and efficiency of associated action
  • plans
  • Coordinate quality-related communication in his/her unit
  • Report to the Quality Director and the Unit Manager hierarchically
  • Participate in the development of new projects while ensuring the completion of plant quality actions
  • Make all operational decisions in his/her field and according to his/her scope of responsibilities
  • Permanently manage employees and coordinate their missions

4 - Manage his/her team according to the applicable organisation

  • Based on the objectives of his/her activity, prepare action plans and coordinate the missions of his/her team in a
  • coherent manner
  • Respect the allocated annual operating budget
  • Monitor performance indicators for his/her activity, implement corrective actions if necessary and inform his/her teams of them.
  • Conduct annual appraisal interviews and set the objectives for his/her team
  • Develop employees' skills within his/her activity and recommend the individual and/or collective training actions required to maintain the performance levels of activities
  • Be sure to maintain team motivation and a positive working environment
  • Check and approve team members' expense claims (travel, etc.) and authorisations for absence/holidays
  • Ensure that job descriptions are updated according to group procedures
  • Provide reports of his/her activity

5 - Ensure compliance in relation to regulatory and customer requirements in risk management and the drawing up of associated assessments and reports



- Ensure client satisfaction through the Group Quality System deployment in his/her Production Unit
- Undertake and coordinate risk management actions in the field of personal safety and the environmental protection of property (buildings and production resources)

Essential job functions


- Enjoy interacting with people and working on group projects 
- Focus on the details and able to have the bigger picture 
- Excellent communication skills including verbal and written skills are required