Maintenance Technician

Date: May 29, 2024

Location: VIRE, FR, 14500

Company: NOVARES


Level 1: Carry out complex maintenance work, both curative and preventive, and modifications on production equipment.
Level 2 & 3: Plan, organize and carry out preventive and corrective maintenance of buildings and production equipment, participate in the improvement of existing means.

Main Missions

Level 1
1 - Participate in the organization and planning of preventive and corrective maintenance
- Participate in the preparation of a plan for preventive interventions and the proper functioning of machines during production and intervene as soon as necessary - Fill out the follow-up sheets for interventions carried out on production equipment to allow traceability of interventions 
2 - Carry out maintenance work on production equipment in accordance with the established schedule - Carry out preventive maintenance in accordance with safety instructions and corrective maintenance on production equipment by adapting to unforeseen circumstances 
- Fill in the computerized documents for monitoring maintenance operations - Transmit all the necessary information to the Maintenance Manager - Check the conformity of the work carried out in relation to the trade standards 
3 - Ensure the cleanliness of his/her work area and the quality of his/her work  
- Ensure the reception and storage of production equipment if necessary and the cleaning of his/her workstation and equipment
4 - Check the proper functioning of production equipment 
- Analyze and solve technical malfunctions related to the quality of parts - Participate in the diagnosis of anomalies, breakdowns, failures of production equipment

1- Organize, plan and carry out preventive and curative maintenance level 2 and 3, adjustment, maintenance and upgrading of equipment programming
- Coordinate his/her interventions according to production and priorities (in case of simultaneous breakdowns) - Prepare a planning of interventions on a preventive basis and carries it out - Ensure the computerized recording of interventions carried out on the means of production in order to allow traceability of interventions
2 - Ensure the reception and qualification of production equipment in compliance with specifications, safety rules and the environment - Intervene on the site to prevent accidents and to make users aware of the need to respect safety procedures
3 - Ensure that preventive maintenance constraints are taken into account for new equipment to be installed  
4 - Provide expertise in a specialty
5 - Manage the store in a specialty

6 - Participate in the progress of his/her team

- Lead the maintenance agents in his/her specialty and coordinate their missions for the actions to be carried out in his/her field of expertise
- Audit maintenance operations from N1 to N4 in the field
- Participate in TPM, guarantee feedback
- Carry out periodic diagnostic checks (presses, robots)
- Follow up and launch corrective actions after periodic diagnostic controls (manufacturers or internal)
- Participate in internal progress projects in the maintenance department




- Plan, organize and perform the preventive and curative maintenance of buildings and production equipment and help to improve existing means 

Essential job functions


- Must have a good working knowledge of industrial technology
- Thorough understanding of company product, trade terminology, maintenance and repair operations, manufacturing processes, and machine/equipment operation
- Ability to diagnose problems for true root cause and implement effective countermeasures